Global expertise with local faces
Global expertise with local faces

Fixed Assets Management


Fixed Assets Management helps to carry out in completion the accounting process of seeking to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance and theft deterrence. Therefore, we guarantee and work to fully and successfully carry out the process of tracking, monitoring and maintaining equipment, computers, vehicles and any other physical assets.  

It is important that your company avails our service because when you invest in fixed assets such as servers, transport equipment or even elevators a large proportion of your capital goes into the investment. Therefore, it is very important and necessary that the company manages its assets, to maximize value from the investments. Without carrying out this task and availing our service your organization may face several failures such as unplanned downtime, equipment failures, misplaced or lost inventory, safety or environmental breaches or even a failure to meet compliance and regulatory standards.  

We guarantee the optimal management of your organization’s assets in every aspect or capacity, so that you can effectively plan the future and achieve the vision you have for your organization.

How we can help?

Experts at Famco will utilize their experience and knowledge to assist clients with the management of fixed assets. Following are the key services offered:

  • Fixed assets policies and procedures
  • Fixed assets accounting and register
  • Fixed asset counting
  • Fixed assets Tagging
  • Fixed assets valuation
  • Training

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Chief Executive Officer

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