Global expertise with local faces
Global expertise with local faces

Enterprise Risk Management


Globally, organizations are expanding Enterprise Risk Management solutions to manage their business risks as well as their stakeholder’s ever-changing demands. These ERM solutions ensure there exists a synchronized enterprise performance approach, which goes hand in hand with the risk management solutions for organizations. These streamline the process of not only identifying but also evaluating risks, consigning and managing mitigation plans, all through towards defining and executing strategies that focus more on the long-term goals of a corporation.

Our experts believe in developing a more holistic approach, where it not only addresses the essential elements of Risk Governance but also helps within the process of Accumulation and Control optimization. We recommend that our client organizations; investigate their ERM processes and their strength, keeping in view the competitive international contexts. All the more where we are witnessing a global gap and crisis in trust. Regrettably, we notice that corporations only implore these elements when they end up facing a major risk Incident. There is no doubt in the fact that despite all the variable movements internationally within the field, there exists a critical need for Risk Agility.

FAMCO structure and methodology cover COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework. The Framework defines essential enterprise risk management components, along with key ERM principles and concepts. This supports our client organizations to not only synchronize the company culture but also meet the demands of stakeholders.

How we can help?

Our ERM programs emphasize structuring robust risk governance structures for our client organizations. We believe it is now time to reconsider risk management and form a more cohesive, digitally facilitated risk intelligent platform. Our ERM services cover the following:

  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Risk Management Structures and Accountabilities
  • Risk Policies and Procedures
  • Prioritizing and Risk Mapping
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting structures
Enterprise Risk Management

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