Global expertise with local faces
Global expertise with local faces

Performance & Rewards


Our experts know that attention to human capital is necessary and deeply relevant. For any organization which succeeds in retaining motivated and hardworking employees can effectively navigate its way through a turbulent period by maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage through its motivated and talented human capital. 

Our team aims to highlight and compile effective performance management and reward tools that will provide your organization with the guarantee of retaining its skilled workforce but also keeping them motivated and striving to work hard. Many organizations view performance management and designing a comprehensive reward system as an integral task and key concern owing to the diversified backgrounds and needs of the employees. 

We at Famco understand how imperative it is to design an appropriate reward system and look after performance management to ensure the smooth operation and success of an organization. Therefore, our qualified professionals are available to assist you and your company in retaining and motivating its most vital component: human capital or the staff. 

How we can help?

We offer following services:

  • Performance Management
  • Remuneration Strategy & Structures
  • Executive Rewards
  • Market Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • Incentives & Employee Recognition

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