Global expertise with local faces
Global expertise with local faces

Maturity Assessment


We at Famco Associates have access and possess motivated and qualified professionals who will help you to comprehensively and effectively assess your process maturity. Our professionals evaluate the attributes of your company’s processes to determine the process’s ability to consistently and continuously contribute to achieving organizational objectives. Our professionals know that they must highlight those processes that have a high ability to contribute to these objectives for they will be mature.

With our professional help we will even look after and help underline an indication of how close your developing process is to being complete and we will help you determine how “capable” it is of continual improvement. Through the assessment of our qualified experts, you will receive a view of the processes at company level, which can be drilled down to the departmental view, functional view and process view. Therefore, you will gain an insight into which attributes in the process need a touch of improvement so that real action can be taken in that specific area.  

How we can help?

  • Capability Maturity Assessment Model
  • Capability Maturity Assessment Review

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