Global expertise with local faces
Global expertise with local faces

Enterprise Systems PMO


The PMO serves as the critical link between the executive vision and the work of the enterprise. By providing a standard organizational methodology for planning, executing, staffing, prioritizing and learning from all the projects that comprise today’s organization, as our experts operate the PMO it helps to give organizational life a coherence and a level of understanding that has long been lacking.

A strategic PMO goes beyond the traditional project management categories, with an expanded role that links strategic objectives to individual projects and portfolios. We will work toward the PMO fulfilling its missions that include enduring that the enterprise invests in the best set of projects and programs and realizes the greatest number of benefits possible from these investments. It should provide an organizational focus on improving the management of projects, programs and portfolios. Furthermore, we will seek to ensure that your strategic PMO is able to optimize the capability and use of scarce resources. Lastly, we want to make sure that strategic issues are raised to the highest levels of the organization to facilitate effective decision making. 

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